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I know how difficult it can be to find a quality dog bed! Have you started small and then bought more and more expensive bed but nothing seems to last more than a few months? Sometimes, you buy a bed, your dog comes closer to it, sniffs it, and then never comes closer to it again, sounds familiar? I know how frustrating it can be to buy the best orthopedic dog bed for your fur buddy and that is why I have created this review to help you buy the best orthopedic bed there is for your dog.

There are absolutely hundreds of choices when it comes to orthopedic beds, that is why I have narrowed them down for you to just 3, top-notch.

This will help you decide the right bed for your fur baby based upon your budget and need.

Review Quality

  1. We have listed all the beds we have tried ourselves or our friends own them. We do not want to recommend something, which we have no idea how it feels in real life.
  2. We have straight forward neglected the low-quality beds, there is no point in wasting your time or money on something we do not recommend you to buy. So if you like any bed on the list, just go for it because it wouldn’t be on the list if we did not find it worthy enough to be here.
  3. All the beds listed here are the best of the best. The order is not important, every bed has something unique so go on with the bed you feel right for your fur buddy!
  4. This article is carefully crafted to help you avoid confusion or bad investment. Out of hundreds of choices, we have narrowed it down to 3 selected top-notch beds for you!

Think Smart

if you want to buy a small bed for your pup because of its dimension suits what your pup needs but there is a small difference in price between small and medium which you can easily afford, then always go for the medium one instead of small. In general, always go for a bigger bed if the price difference between the two does not affect your budget too much. This ensures that your dog will not have any unpleasant surprises such as no space to stretch out, or bad back support due to the insufficient space to lie down properly. When it comes to bed, a bit bigger is better than the exact or smaller measure.

Prefer Quality over PriceBest-Orthopedic-Dog-Beds

I have seen several cases where the owner bought a cheaper bed, compromising with the quality and had to buy a new one in a matter of months or even days because they either won’t last or their dog wouldn’t be comfortable in it and would refuse to use it at all. Buying a quality bed with a bit bigger price is better than buying many low-quality beds over time because of two simple reasons:

  1. If you calculate the money you will be spending over cheap beds in a long run of let’s say 2 years will always be more than one quality bed of higher price.
  2. Beds are very personal to dogs and they don’t like to change them often, so not only it brings discomfort to a dog that you change the bed continuously but also those beds won’t be the same comfort as a quality bed of good value.

So it might seem like an extravagant idea to invest a good sum on a dog bed but in reality, you are actually spending lesser money than you would if you would go for cheaper bed, in long run and you are bringing more comfort to your fur buddy.

Dog Beds come in Multiple Sizes

You may have known this already but in case you did not, most of the manufacturers make dog beds in multiple sizes so if you come across a bed of size Large but you just need a medium or small bed because you own a Chihuahua. Chances are that you can find the desired size from the same manufacturer.
I am going to list here all sizes available of all the beds. I will give a review for Large or Jumbo size beds. However, feel free to change the size if you need a bigger or smaller bed than the listed size because my review applies to all sizes of the bed from the same manufacturer and bed model.

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds Reviews

Now that we have a basic understanding of the bed buying process, let’s dive right in!

1. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Furhaven-Pet-Dog-Bed

Price: $54.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: Jumbo – 44″ x 35″ x 8″ (111.76cm x 88.9cm x 20.32cm)

Color: Stone Gray

Other available sizes: Small ($20.99), Medium ($29.99), Large ($38.99)

Other available Colors: Espresso, Dark Sage

Guarantee: The product comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their 60-Day Worry-Free Program but restrictions apply.

My Rating: 5/5

Product Specifications:

  • They are referred to as Deluxe Orthopedic Two-Tone Plush Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise Lounge Living Room Corner Couch Pet Bed. They come with Removable Cover and can be used for Dogs or Cats.
  • Color: The listed product is of Stone Gray color. However, it is available in Multiple Colors & Styles.
  • Design: The bed has a pet-friendly design. It is an L-shaped chaise design with dual bolsters that promote security and provide additional high-loft cushion support for head resters and a cozy nestling nook for burrowers.
  • Sleep Surface: The sleep surface of the bed is lined with ultra-plush faux fur, while the bolsters are wrapped in easy-care microsuede. Both are soft-to-touch fabrics that your dog would love to snuggle into. Sleep surface for the listed product (Jumbo) is approx 38″ x 29″ (96.52 cm x 73.66cm)
  • Orthopedic Quality: The egg crate orthopedic foam helps cushion pressure points, distribute body weight, and improve air circulation, while the fluffy-filled bolsters provide optimum support for the neck, back, hips, and joints for a more restful sleep.
  • Easily washable: The bed comes with the removable dog bed cover which is completely machine washable for your convenience!


  • The contoured edges can really be a big comfort point for your dog because it makes the perfect pillow for your dog to rest their head.
  • There will always be room to spare if you buy a proper size.
  • The bed is 4 inches thick and the pillow area is approx 8 inches thick, with the beautiful available colors and a very nice style, it can go very well with your room settings.
  • The bed is not as heavy, comparing to the other beds of the same category. As it is light, you can easily drag it and change its positions however you like. So if you are in the living room, you can have it there and then shift it to the bedroom when you go to sleep so that your dog can always rest in their own bed.
  • If you have two medium-sized dogs who prefer to snuggle together, then the jumbo size bed is big enough for them to share.
  • The washing of the cover is a breeze, it makes the bed good as new with the minimum effort required. Cover goes in and out very easily.


  • The Large or Jumbo sizes of the bed are the most popular, it is not so much known for its small-sized beds.
  • It can take anywhere to 1-3 hours to fully inflate and ready to use. 

Customer To Customer


2. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog BedBarksBar-Gray-Orthopedic-Dog-Bed

Price: $71.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: Large – 40″ x 30″ x 10″ (101.6cm x 76.2cm x 25.4cm)

Color: Gray

Other available sizes: Small ($41.99), Medium ($56.99)

My Rating: 5/5

Product Specifications:

  • The bed is made of Solid Orthopedic Foam with Non-Slip Back and Extra Comfy Cotton-Padded Rim Cushion.
  • Suitable for: It is Ideal for Medium to Large size dogs and also great for multiple smaller dogs. It can easily hold up to 100+ lbs (45+ kgs) and fitted for pets up to 36″ (91.5cm) in length.
  • Design: Sleek and Luxurious quilted design to improve any family’s home decor. It comes with a built-in nonslip rubber backing on the bottom side of the cover to prevent any sliding on wooden and tiled floors.
  • Sleep Surface: Sleep surface of the bed is 36″ x 24″ (91.5cm x 60.96cm) and it is crafted with top-of-the-line workmanship and premium materials. It is built to both provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last long.
  • Orthopedic Quality: The bed is perfect for dogs of any ages, especially older dogs with joint, bone, or arthritic problems. The Premium Materials include Ultra Soft Polyester Cover with a luxurious quilted design and 4″ (10cm) of Solid Orthopedic Foam base for the optimal balance of comfort, reduced joint pain, and improved health & mobility. Last but not least, Extra Comfy Cotton-Padded Rim cushion to instantly contour to your pet’s neck and provide constant support and decompression for ailing necks and heads.
  • Easily Washable: These beds are easy to clean & maintain. They come with removable and Machine-Washable cover. All you need to do is to simply put it on gentle/delicate cycle and they are even easier to spot clean and remove hair.


  • You will have to coax your dog out once they get in one of these comfortable beds.
  • A 65 pound (27 kg) large dog such as Lab can easily fit in and has plenty of room to curl up or stretch out in a Large size bed.
  • Dogs usually use the sides as a pillow which is a big comfort.
    It is easy to just wash the cover and the foam will not be harmed. Even if the foam gets dirty by some accident, it is also easy to clean the foam. Washing the cover from time to time makes it just like new.
  • It is really easy to disassemble, clean, and reassembles.
  • The cover is made up of high-quality material.
  • The bed has good, resistant zippers.
  • The foam fluffs up and expanded in a matter of minutes.
  • The quality of the fabric is great.
  • The high sides will give your dog a place to snuggle in and lean against, it gives them a safe place to be.
  • The cover comes out and goes in smoothly.


When you unpack the bed, it has a strong chemical smell from the memory foam. You will need to wait until the smell goes away, only then let the dog in.

Customer to CustomerBarksBar-Gray-Orthopedic-Dog-Bed-Review

3. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed PetFusion-Ultimate-Dog-Bed

Price: $119.95

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: Large – 36″ x 28″ x 9″ (91.5cm x 71cm x 22.86cm)

Other available sizes: Small ($69.95), X-Large ($179.95)

My Rating: 5/5

Warranty: 3 years on any part that is broken due to manufacturer defect.

Product Specifications:

  • The bed is made up of Orthopedic Memory Foam and is available in multiple colors, has Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton Cover which is Certified Skin Safe,
  • Design: The base & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort. The cover is water and tear-resistant. The bed is with non-skid bottom and blends in seamlessly with your room. Replacement covers are also available separately.
  • Orthopedic Quality:  It has solid 4″ (10cm) Memory Foam base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain (arthritis), and improved health, mobility, and energy.  It is a Calming bed for dogs who suffer from anxiety. The Recycled ‘green’ support bolsters are generously filled. The material used is durable and comfortable polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) twill.
  • Safe: Certi-PUR-US Memory foam with no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and ozone depleters. The bed has Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. The bed passes stricter European REACH safety standards. The cover fabric is certified as ‘SKIN CONTACT SAFE’.
  • Easily Washable: Its removable cover is machine washable. It is simple to spot clean and remove hair. It can tumble dry on gentle setting.


  • It is very easy to install. ‘Bolsters’ are pre-loaded into cover, you simply need to insert memory foam base & and close the zip
  • Your dog will have enough space to stretch out in a proper size bed.
  • You can remove each part of the bed very easily like the bolster, memory foam base, water-resistant liner (for the base), and the actual cover which makes the washing process super easy.
  • The fabric cover for the bolster foam is thicker than the usual dog beds which reduce the risks of being ripped out.
  • The memory foam base is very high quality and has its own separate water-resistant cover which makes it risks free because you can wash it.
  • The main cover is very durable and can take scratches without getting ripped to pieces.
  • The headrest provides the ultimate comfort.
  • The memory foam base is very thick and comfortable.
  • Less amount to pay for a bed which will last for years.
  • This is a heavy bed, so you don’t need to worry about the non-slip base as the weight of the memory foam stops it from sliding around.


  • It is hard to get the liner over the memory foam. One zipper makes the process harder.
  • The zipper is not very resistant.
  • It is relatively hard to install this bed so you want to do it directly in the place where you decide to keep it.

Customer to Customer


Common Cautions with New Beds

Be careful when you unpack a new bed package using sharp objects to don’t harm the bed inside by cutting the package too deep.

Be careful with the dimensions of the bed before buying. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Jumbo, and XXL measures are although somewhat standard but might change from manufacturer to manufacturer, so make sure to check the dimension numbers before you order so that your dog doesn’t find it too small when it finally arrives.

Never put the beds, nearby fireplace, or anywhere, where you might find it risky for the bed to catch fire. No matter what bed you choose, it is possible that it might contain some material which could be inflammable and it is always better to be careful about it.

Give the bedtime after unpacking for a few hours to get inflated and to get rid of the chemical smell. Preferably mount it somewhere, where you can have air flowing so that you don’t gather chemical smell inside. However, this might be challenging if the bed is heavy and the final destination of it does not have any window which opens outside of the home. But just to note, it is normal to have some chemical smell and to take some time, anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to become smell-free as well as to fully inflated.

Do not use bleach when washing the bed covers or other related material because most of the high-quality bed material is sensitive to bleach.

We would love to hear from you!

Have you decided what bed are you going to buy? Did our review help you with the process? I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please leave your comment or any questions you might have in the comment section. Thank you so much and I talk with you in my next article!

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