Cave-style Pet Beds – Hide & Seek

Cave-style-Pet-Beds-Hide-and-SeekAs their name represents, Cave-style Pet Beds are made like a cave and are also called “tent beds”. As you might have guessed it by now, they are like a small tent or cave which means your pet will have a roof over their head once inside. Some manufacturers also make them look like a dog house. They keep warm and they provide the best sense of security and privacy because of the closed space.

The Best part about them is that you can find them in a range of prices. They can be as simple as a small block of hollow foam to as fancy as a luxurious small home for your dog.

Cope With Stress

Many dogs like to have these kinds of beds because they can just go inside and disconnect if they are scared or stress. So in a way, these beds provide a sense of security and emotional comfort.

We have a Shih Tzu buddy in our life and I remember him getting a great deal of comfort staying inside in his bed when he was sick due to his stomach or cold. It was also a hard time for him when we vaccinated him and he stayed in and slept for while which refreshed him.

Hot Spot For Your Dog

Do you live in a cold country? Does it get chilly at night? Does your dog like to come in bed and sleep next to you under your blanket? If your dog enjoys a warm cozy place, these beds are perfect. They can really keep hot more than any other kind of beds as they are fully covered. Our pup is Shih Tzu which is usually warm themselves, so he likes to stay in but, does not sleep in it as he tends to get really hot otherwise.

This also suggests that if your dog is warm by nature, you might consider some other kind of bed for them because these beds tend to get warm, the more your dog stays in them. They tend to keep the body heat in.

Dog’s Haven

Usually, people who own dogs, especially if the dog is staying inside the home, they tend to be very careful with them. However, it may happen that your dog gets scared of something, it might be a stressed mood around or your bossy cat or the other fur buddy. In any case, these beds, provide a good shelter to hide for dogs when they feel insecure which is a really important thing.

An Emotion Indicator

This can also be used as a good sign reader, which means when you see that your dog is going in and staying in for a while, you should know that they are scared. You can try providing extra comfort for them and try to find out what might be a reason for that. So they are a good emotion indicator as well.

Sometimes when our pup gets mad on us, he goes in and stays, only with his head out of the bed and seeing on the other side than where we are. It is his way of showing that we have made him angry. So this might differ from dog to dog but it is very likely that your dog might use them to indicate various emotions they have if you know how to read it.

Points To Help You Decide

These beds are usually good for all kind of small dogs, but if your dog qualifies for one of the following points, you should really consider buying them one of these beds:

  1. These beds are good for dogs who have a hard time remaining warm. Mostly the old dogs suffer from this issue and these beds provide a very warm and cozy environment.
  2. They induce a sense of security due to their closed structure. Once inside, dogs feel very safe. So if you want to provide your dog a haven for any reason, these beds are a go-to.
  3. It can also be a very good hideaway spot for dogs and come in handy if your dog gets anxious sometimes and need a place to get away to during the day. So in other words, they can be good for anxiety-prone dogs.
  4. These beds do not come in all sizes, they are typically designed for smaller dogs like Shih Tzu, those weighing around 20 pounds/ 9 kg so if you own a big dog, you might want to consider some other bed for them.

Hard To Keep Them Clean

It is very important to keep the bed clean as dogs usually dirty their bed very fast. Cave-style Pet Beds are not usually the easiest beds to clean. However, one trick can be to buy the ones which come with a separable mattress inside, which you can take out and wash. That way you don’t need to worry about washing the whole bed.

Also, you can buy one spare, so that you can switch between them when you wash one. So although they are not the easiest when it comes to clean them it should not come into the way if you take care to buy one with a separable mattress.

A Good Playing ground

Our dog was so excited when we bought him the bed, he liked to play with his new bed more than he did with his toys. We had a separable mattress inside which he used to drag out of it and stay over it outside of the bed. He used to love if we would throw a ball inside and he would go running and jump inside to take it out. So these beds can also be a good playing asset and a way to keep your fur buddy engaged and interested.

Well, at the end of the day, all you want is your pet to be happy and provide the best care you can for them. This bed is a good choice to go in general if you got a pet who gets anxious during the day and needs a hiding spot or if they tend to feel cold at night and need a warmer cozy bed.

Are you stuck and can’t choose what bed would suit your pet the best? Check out this article, by the time you are finished, you will know exactly which bed to go for!

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