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Sometimes, they are also referred to as “Plush Pet Beds”. Luxurious beds designed to give the most comfort to your fur babies! They are so fluffy, soft, and cozy that you would wish to have one for yourself. These beds can be a little different based upon which brand you go for but the bottom line is, if you own a cat or a small dog, they are the perfect beds! So comfy that your buddy will stay on them even in time of the day.

Perfect For Small Pets


If you own a cat or a small dog who likes to cuddle when they sleep then this is the bed, you want to buy for them. These beds do not come in bigger sizes, that is why it is not a good choice if your own a pet who weighs more than 8 kg or 17 pounds. Usually, small dog breeds like Shihtzu, Chihuahua or cats make the perfect candidate for these kinds of beds,

Small dogs and cats usually like to curl up when they sleep, and these beds are perfect for that sleeping style as they are circular. If your dog likes to stretch out, you might want to measure his size while he is sleeping, to make sure he won’t stretch out of the bed.

Sleep Like A Log

Your pet will sleep profoundly if they feel comfortable and safe. These kinds of beds provide just that. They are soft and fluffy which makes them really comfortable. Also, due to their fluffiness and coziness, your pet will feel like they are sleeping in their mother’s coat. Most of them are self-warming made with highest-quality faux fur and durable nylon which will make your pet feel really comfortable and safe.


In general, pet beds are made to provide comfort but when it comes to this kind, they take it to the next level. As they come in round shape which is perfect for those pets who like to sleep, curling up their bodies and cuddling. Also in some way, comfort can induce sleep so, after a small play session, they will fall right into the big blanket of dreams if they have this bed.

Our baby likes to sleep on it even in time of the day after a playing session or a good food time. In the time of winter, they are especially good because dogs can feel the temperature outside even if the inside home is not as cold so its good to have these beds as they keep them warm and cozy.


However, be warned, they are luxurious and a little extravagant but if you can afford it, it’s worth the money. It is not always the case but usually, money reflects the quality. One of the reasons, these beds are so expensive is that they are of very high quality but nonetheless, it can be a turn down based upon the brand and size you are looking for.

Various brands make them and based upon the quality of the bed, the price might differ. So before ruling them out based upon their status of being one of the most expensive beds available for pets in the market, we strongly request you to check out the prices because you might be able to find one which is in the budget and fits the needs of your dog.


You can expect the best quality possible from these beds, Quality does not only bring comfort but it also means they use the best available material to form this piece of art. These beds are made up of very reliable and long-lasting material. If your dog likes to scratch or chew, you can be sure that these beds will resist longer than any other kind of bed.

So once you buy them, you can expect them to run for at least a few years. We have bought this bed for our up when he was just a few months old, and now he is almost 4 years old and we still have it and he loves to sleep on it. It is very common in the dogs that they get more and more comfortable with the things they use on a regular basis and for a longer period. So if you change their bed often, it might make it hard for them to get comfy with their new bed every single time. However, with these kinds of beds, it will be a long time until you need to change them again.

Easy To Wash


This might be one of the most important aspects which will finally convince you to go for it. They are extremely easy to clean, wash, rinse, and dry. It is an undeniable fact that beds get dirty in time but with these beds, you can even wash them by hand to have them clean in no time. Most of the other beds, come with a separable pillow or mattress so that they can be washed easily. As good as that might be, you will still struggle to wash or clean the whole set of the bed whereas, with these beds, you can wash them entirely in a washing machine or by hand with no difficulty whatsoever.

We usually wash them in the washing machine, it’s fairly easy and fast. We do not recommend using a hard program on it though as they are soft, furry and might need a bit of a tender washing approach.

Well, at the end of the day, all you want is your pet to be happy and provide the best care you can for them. This bed is a good choice to go in general if you got a good budget and a small pet who likes to curl up and cuddle when asleep.

Are you stuck and can’t choose what bed would suit your pet the best? Check out this article, by the time you are finished, you will know exactly which bed to go for!

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