Hammock Pet Beds – Pleasure or Pain?

hammock-pet-bedsThey are the hammocks beds but for pets. These beds are not very common because it is very different from any other kind of pet bed as they are elevated from the ground, fixed in a frame and the surface of it actually hangs in the air. As fun as it, hammock beds can be to us, they might induce a feeling of insecurity in pets. However, it is not a rule, some pets might even enjoy hammock pet beds because of their slow subtle movements.

If and why should you buy these beds?


If your dog is incontinent, it is a good choice to go for this kind of bed because you can clean them easily and you don’t risk for the urine to get soaked or settle down somewhere hard to reach and clean. It also eliminates the chance of causing any unpleasant smell.

When we brought our very first pup home, we had no idea how to train him properly for a pee. We used to take turns and look after him the whole night. As soon as he would start to move outside of his place of staying, we would get alert and try to take him outside for peeing, even then we failed many times and he just peed walking three steps outside of his bed.

So we bought a hammock pet bed for him, and it worked like a miracle. The training was still hard but we always could get alerted when he wanted to pee as he needed to get down first from the bed. Soon enough, he was pee trained and got used to the bed as well. Now our fur baby is 3 years old and still prefers to sleep in his bed up above the ground in most nights.

What can be a major turn down?

These beds are not very wide or long so they are not ideal for bigger dogs or for those who like to take up their space or to even wander around a bit before settling down on one spot. It might be an issue if your dog cant gets up and down from bed alone without any help.

Some dogs might even feel insecure, anxious, and uneasy being elevated from the floor, practically hanging in the air. It is important that your dog feels safe and relaxed when they try to rest or sleep so if they suffer from anxiety issues or get startled easily, these beds might not be the right choice for you.

Take it from someone who has used them


We absolutely love to buy our fur baby new stuff now and then. Hence, it is needless to say that he has many beds in our home for various occasions. We use the hammock bed in the season of winter. Because it is generally cold and dogs can really feel the temperature from outside, our dog prefers not to stay on the floor directly. We have bought a small fluffy mattress to put over the bed so that he can be cozy and warm.

This setting makes a perfect escape for him from cold. However, he also has a permanent nest bed around so if he is uncomfortable for some reason, he can always go back to his trustworthy permanent night companion.

One thing to note that, not all the beds come with a mattress so in case you are to buy a bed without a mattress, you might want to buy a pillow or mattress separately which can fit so that your dog can be comfortable and cozy in it. We had to buy it separately and we have observed that our fur bud uses the bed more with mattress than he did before without it so it can make a big difference for them.

Trick for Treat


They make a really good playground as well. If you have an adult dog, you can easily try to train them to jump over the bed and slide under the bed. You can also use some props along with the bed to actually have some fun training or play sessions with your pup. Of course, never forget to treat them every time they get something right. It will keep them engage and motivate them to do the right moves more.

Sometimes, we literally use the bed as a toy and make our pup run around it. If you put a sheet over it, it can make a good hiding spot for your pup which you can use in several ways to play with him and to utilize his energy without having to take him out in the park every time.

Every Dog has its Bed

So these beds are indeed fun to have and sometimes can be really useful as well. However, it is possible that they can’t make a very good permanent bed choice.

Well, at the end of the day, all you want is your pet to be happy and provide the best care you can for them. This bed is a good choice to go in general if your dog is incontinent or soothes from small continuous movements.

So you need to observe your dog’s habits, what comforts him and what disturbs him, Only you as an owner can really decide if this is the right bed you dog needs. Now you know some facts about the beds so we hope it helps you make the right choice. In our opinion, even if you choose some other bed for your dog, you should still give this a try if you can spare some cash, if not as a bed then even as a prop in the playground. Who knows, maybe your dog enjoys running around it as much as our does!

How can we help?

Are you stuck and can’t choose what bed would suit your pet the best? Check out this article! We promise, by the time you are finished, you will know exactly which bed is the best for your pet!

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