Nest Pet Beds – Bigger Donut Beds?

Nest Pet BedsNest Pet Beds are somewhat similar to donut beds, but they are longer with high foam sides. They are warm which means they retain heat so they are very good if your dog tends to feel cold during the night. It is not recommended for dogs who provide enough body heat themselves such as Shihtzu. However, most of them come with a center pillow to make them easy to wash, so in case your dog is feeling hot, the pillow can be removed and replaced with something cooler for them to sleep on a colder surface for a while.

Take It From Someone Who Owns It


This was the first bed we bought for our 1-month-old Shih Tzu pup. The Best thing about this bed is that, even if our pup was very small, we could buy a regular size bed for him and it was perfectly fine. The surrounding edges stopped him from wandering at night and forced him to stay in bed. It was also useful because whenever he would just stand at the edge of it, try to scratch it, we would know that he needs to go pee or poop.

Now, after 3 years, when he has grown to a full adult, he still sleeps in the same bed. Of course, now he doesn’t have space in his bed to wander around, but he can lay and rest comfortably in it. So, if you go for one of these beds, you will never need to change them again as they come into various sizes and you can just buy one which suits the adult size of your puppy.

Warm and Cozy

nest-dog-bedUsually, these beds come with a separable mattress of the pillow which stays on the base of it. Usually, these are really warm and keeps hot. That is why they are really good for those dogs who tend to be cold during the night and need a warm cozy space to lay in.

However, we own a Shih Tzu and they are usually hot themselves, so we sometimes remove the pillow, and let him sit with a cold gel bottle inside which keeps him from getting too warm while he still enjoys his bed. Sometimes, he starts his sleep in his bed but in time of night, he comes out and stays on the floor directly to get his temperature down. So ideally, they are good for the dogs who need warmth but that is not a necessary turn down if your dog is not one of them.

A Universal Bed

Nest Pet Beds come in various sizes so they are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Usually they oval shape so they are also well suited for dogs who like to sleep stretched or who stretch their body a lot while sleeping. Same as donuts beds are more suitable for the dogs who like to cuddle and curl up while sleeping.

The elevated edge also provides a very good rest place for their head. They can just sleep in, having their head popping out of the bed, using the edge like a pillow. Also, because they are universal if you own more than one dog of two different sizes, they both can share the same bed at different times which is in fact our case as well.

Buy A Washable Bed

These beds usually have high sides made up of foam. That is why it is not possible to wash them directly in the washing machine. Hence, you should always go for the bed which has a separate center pillow or mattress which is removable. That way, not only you can wash it easily in the washing machine, but also you can always have a spare so that you can switch between them when you wash one or another.

A Good Fit For Your Crate

If you own a crate where your pup gets a time out for being too naughty or which you just like to carry with you when you go on trips as a small closed place to stay for your fur buddy? Well, in that case, these beds can be a really good choice because they can fit right into the crate due to the availability of several sizes.

We actually keep our dog’s bed inside his crate all the time and we keep the door of the crate open. So he can go in and out as he pleases and he always gets into sleep in his bed in time of night. So it is possible that you might use your crate on a permanent basis to have a portion of your room dedicated to your dog, in that case, you don’t need to worry about emptying one more space for his bed separately because these beds go surprisingly well with the crates.


If you decide to buy a Nest Pet Beds with a removable pillow, that pillow you can also put in somewhere down on the floor to temporarily switch your dog’s place of sleeping. Also in case, you are in a different room and you would like your pup to be comfy with you, you can just bring the pillow with you and put it somewhere in the room for them to stay with you.

So in a way, they are multipurpose as they can be mobile, a part of them anyway. This is a very huge advantage because it relieves you from worrying about buying different beds for different needs and spaces

Well, at the end of the day, all you want is your pet to be happy and provide the best care you can for them. This bed is a good choice to go in general if you got a pet who tends to feel cold at night or likes to stretch their body while asleep.

Are you stuck and can’t choose what bed would suit your pet the best? Check out this article, bu the time you are finished, you will know exactly which bed to go for!

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