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Outdoor Pet Beds are one of their kind. These beds can be hard to find as they are not as popular as the other kinds of bed but they definitively have their purpose. They are designed to stay out of the home and resist various weather conditions while providing a comfortable, dry, and soft stay for your fur baby.

Who Should Buy This Kind Of Bed?

Tell me if any of the following fits on you:

  1. Does your dog follow you around everywhere you go?
  2. Do you consider your dog as an extension of your family?
  3. Do you like to hang around and play with your dog on weekends, enjoying the fresh air out in the yard?
  4. Do you like to stay out with your dog after work?
  5. Do your kids or girlfriend like to hang around with their pup outside of the house?

Well, then for sure outdoor pet beds are for you! You don’t want to have to carry the pet bed out every time you are out in the yard with your dog. This is where outdoor beds for dogs come in handy.

How Are They Different?

Outdoor beds are designed specially to always stay out in the open, which means they are weatherproof. Well, no dog bed can be fully weatherproof, but these are able to handle some sun, rain, or dirt more than the indoor beds. So obviously they are waterproof as well. They are usually made up of long-lasting material than the usual bed because they are built to stay in rough conditions.

Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Bed?

Well, based upon the price, you are willing to pay, there can be many choices available for you in this category of beds. So how should you decide which bed to go for? There are various things you can look out for when buying the bed such as quality, weight, and height, etc. However, we have listed here are a few things you might want to look out for necessarily to help you make the right decision:

Comfort And Safety

As always when buying an outdoor pet bed, you want to look for the comfort and safety of your pet. For example, if the surface of the yard is mostly very hot or cold due to the weather condition, you might want to buy an elevated bed instead of a flat one which stays on the floor. If you have a dog with joint problems, you might want to go for an orthopedic bed. So depends upon the size, breed, and age of your dog as well as upon the weather, you want to choose a bed that is comfortable for your fur buddy.


The next thing you want to look out for is durability which means the bed should be made of a material that is long-lasting. These beds are usually made up of durable and reliable material comparing to other kinds of beds as they are made up of the purpose of staying in sun, rain, humidity, cold, and all sort of various weather conditions.

However, their material might differ based upon their prices, brand, etc. Better price usually brings better quality but this does not mean that you need to go with the most expensive one. You can find a decent outdoor bed in a good price range, just make sure to check its material before finalizing it.

Replaceable Parts

Also, it is best if various parts of the bed are separately replaceable because in time, some parts of the bed might go bad and you don’t want to have to throw the whole bed away due to one broken part. If the spare parts are available in the market then you can just simply replace the broken part and the bed will be as good as new.

Due to the harsh weather conditions they stay in, it is one of the really important points to consider. We have had an outdoor bed ourselves for our 3 years old Shih Tzu boy and we had to buy one part, typically every year. However, we always used to switch the bed in the shade after the use, if you plan to leave it out in open, you might need to replace its parts more often.

Easily Washable

One other thing and an important one is that it should be easily washable. Washing a bed can be a cumbersome work because they can get dirty real fast based upon how active your dog is. So you want to go with a bed or mattress which is easy to wash and dry. In case the bed has a cover, then they should be easy to remove and put back on because in that case, you will only be washing the cover.


Even if most of the beds come with similar heights, you might want to consider the size of your dog to make sure which height should you go for. It is important from two points of view. First of all, some dogs like to just jump into their bed and your pup won’t be able to do that if the height difference is too big. Also, if the dog is too small, then even a small height from the ground can make them feel really insecure so even if this is not as important as other factors listed above, it might just be the last point of observation you need in order to decide on one.

Well, at the end of the day, all you want is your pet to be happy and to provide the best care you can for them. These beds are good to have because it gives them an opportunity to rest comfortably with you when you just want to chill in the sunshine or catch a breath of fresh air, outside of the home.

Are you stuck and can’t choose what bed would suit your pet the best? Check out this article, by the time you are finished, you will know exactly which bed to go for!

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