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If you are reading this article, you must be curious why is your dog crazy about squeaky toys? or at the very least, why does it like the squeaky toys more than the others? The answer is rather simple. Imagine you are meeting someone at a coffee place. Would you prefer that someone be able to talk and conversate or would you rather have them be quiet all the time? Most people would choose to meet someone with whom they can converse because we are social beings. The same goes for your dog and the squeaky toys. They are simply more interacting than normal ones.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

When dogs play with squeaky toys, they make a sound that keeps them entertaining and makes them feel like they are getting a reaction. Has your dog ever came to you with a ball, putting it right next to you and waiting for you to throw it away so that it can fetch it again? This is what entertains them, to see the reaction of their action. I would say squeaky toys are the whole package because the more they bite it, the louder the sound it makes which keeps their interest.

From where is the Sound coming?

This is one of the other reasons why dogs like squeaky toys: curiosity. When dogs squeeze the toy, it makes noise which then creates the curiosity that where the noise is coming from? They squeeze and turn the toy until they find the source! Unfortunately, once the mystery is resolved, there is not much left of the toy to dissect anymore. That is why it is always a good idea to buy as resistant squeaky toys as possible because they need to stand against the strength of your dog’s bite.

Does a Toy need to be Squeaky?

Is it an absolute necessity for a toy to be squeaky for it to be your dog’s favorite? Well, I would say NO and I am saying it by experience. Our dog Yuki, had a small toy of dog-shaped as his favorite for a long while. We call the toy his girlfriend because the toy was this cute small doggy dressed like a cute girl. And she was not squeaky, but she did make a sound of bark and moved. So even if she was made up of hard plastic, our Yuki enjoyed her a lot because every time he played with her, he got an interaction of sorts. So the sound alone was enough for him to remain engaged. Here is a small video we put together at that time:


So a toy doesn’t need to be squeaky soft, sometimes the sound is alone enough to capture the attention of a dog. Also, if a toy is soft enough and does not make sound, that can also work sometimes. Sometimes we are out shopping and we find some really beautiful soft material toy but it doesn’t make any sound, we still buy it and he loves them. Basically anything which he can bite hard enough or which makes a sound or both can be a good choice and they can all come into a category of squeaky toys so the rule remains valid. Here is a small video what we got our baby boy for this Christmas, to show you how much he loves the squeaky toys:


What can go wrong?

Even though squeaky toys are great, there can be a little risk when leaving your dog free with these little surprises. I guess we can call them cons of squeaky toys:

Not Too Small

The first thing you need to be careful about that, they shouldn’t be so small that your dog can swallow them. If your pup does like some toy that is small, you should only let it play with the toy under someone’s supervision. Otherwise, just choose bigger toys in general. This can be a bit challenging if you own a dog of big size but a little care is always better than an unexpected, unpleasant, and expensive trip to the vet.

Not Too Hairy

If a toy is hairy and also is loosing hair then it might be possible that every time your dog plays with it, swallows some hair in the process which is never a good sign. Dogs can actually make a ball of hair and can choke on it, especially the small breed such as Shihtzu, Chihuahua, etc. So always make sure that the toy is soft but not consist of many falling small hairs on the outside which can serve as a playtime snack for your little one.

Best place to buy

Obviously, there are tons of places from where you can buy the squeaky toys for your dog but I would recommend Amazon simply because they got variety, quality, and also affordable prices. I am going to list here some of their products which I find of very good quality and reasonable price:

1. LEGEND SANDY 14 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys

Contains Fruits, Snacks, and Vegetables.

Economic: a pack of 14 toys, costing almost one dollar each.

Variety: you get a lot of variety because we all know how fast our pup can get bored of one toy so you can circulate them to keep your fur baby entertained.

Safe: These toys are made of non-toxic plush and soft cotton fabric material, no glue is used in the production process.

All Squeaky: Each toy is a squeaky toy, and some of the toys even have crinkly parts. These are great for small dogs that like to squeak but are not big chewers.

Machine Washable: You can wash them in the washing machine and they will be good as new after drying.

Guarantee: The best part is, they come with a guarantee, If there are any one of these tiny dog toys that are missing, broken, or doesn’t work, please contact them and they will provide a replacement for you.

2. FIREOR Dog Squeaky Toys

Contains Raccoon, Squirrel, Tiger, Fox, and Lion.

Economic: They are bigger toys than the previous one for lesser than $5 each.

Variety: They come with a pack of 5 so your dog will have a lot to switch among them.

Safe & Long Lasting: They are pure stuffing less squeaky toys. So you don’t need to worry about swallow or choke on and it will be more durable because most dogs are less tempted to kill an unstuffed toy.

3. BarkBox Dog Squeak Toys

Contains: 2 in 1 Cactus

Price: This is suitable for medium to large dog, costing $11.99

Safe & Long Lasting playtimes: This toy is designed to be destroyed, with a smaller squeaker inside to surprise your pup and make for long-lasting playtimes. Non-toxic plush from only the most high-quality manufacturers ensures that this toy is safe for all pups to play with.

Surprise: One of its kind 2-in-1 toys can be a bit surprising for your pup!

But that is not all, feel free to browse amazon for other squeaky toys, there are hundreds of choices. I have attached a link below to ease the search process for you!

I would like to know what toy have you bought for your fur baby or what is your opinion about the squeaky toys? Please leave your reply down below in the comment section and I will talk with you in my next article!


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